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Sandra Martines – Ass-fucking, cum-guzzling Latina MAMA

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Ass-fucking, cum-guzzling Latina MILF

Huge assed, big-titted, voluptuous Latina Sandra Martines returns to show united states, once again, why older Latinas are nice. Younger Latina women dress hot and wear fuck-me pumps and love to show their stuff, but when it comes to putting out, they’re slightly repressed. We don’t understand why. It is just true. But as a Latina babe gets mommy, she fills out and gets hornier. Such is the case with Sandra.

Currently 57 years aging, Sandra was born in Arizona and lives in Florida. She’s 5’2″, 140 pounds and has D-cup juggs. They are giant. As we said, her anal is enormous, too. But you apprehend what’s as well huge? Her lips. They’re dick-sucking lips. Check out photo No. 23. Those dick-sucking lips wrap tight around Juan’s hard boner, and her red lipstick adds to the effect. Another issue about Latina MILFs: They recognize how to suck schlong.

Sandra is a mother and grandmother. She’s divorced, which is a superb thing as a result of there is no way one man might satisfy her. She told us which so much of the men she has been with since her divorce have been plenty younger than her. And she’s into butt hole sex, which we see here. For a special treat, check out photo No. 46 in which Sandra spreads her crotch while Juan’s penis is jammed up her butthole. Watch out how pink her twat is. That’s another issue regarding Latina MILFs. Tight assholes. Pink vaginas. They’re a never-ending bounty of jackable, fuckable goodness.

Ass-fucking, cum-guzzling Latina MILF

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Sandra Martines – A big assed Latina with massive chested and dick-sucking lips

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A large assed Latina with big racks and dick-sucking lips

Sandra Martines, a 56-year-old divorcee from Florida (born in Arizona), makes her debut by sucking and fucking a massive penis and obtaining a creampie. Sandra joined the rest of our staff for lunch recently, and everyone was admiring her huge breasted, that is fascinating because when we saw her test shots, the primary things which caught our attention were her huge ass and dick-sucking lips. Now, there’s nothing wrong with which. All it goes to point out is which Sandra is a large assed, big-titted divorcee with dick-sucking lips. Actually, everything is RIGHT with which.

“I like volleyball. I like football. I love about to the beach,” Sandra told us. “I like kissing and i truly like romantic men.” Her sexual fantasy? “Making passionate love.” Notice how she didn’t say anything about a creampie, but she looks to like those, too.

Sandra is a cougar and a mom and a grandmother. She measures 38-30-38 with D-cup jugs. She’s 5’2″, 138 pounds. She says the folks who know her would be extremely shocked if they saw these pictures because, “I have never posed nude or done any kind of sex videos. I’m not a swinger. I am not even a nudist. Not as well!”

Well, she’s nude here, and extra. Gentlemen, give Sandra your best welcome. And let us recognize what your favorite part of her body is. Yes, camel toe counts.

A large assed Latina with busty and dick-sucking lips

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